Miracle in a Bottle!! Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is a game changer! I only discovered this when I asked a M.A.C┬ámakeup artist if she had any recommendations for leg makeup. I had a large bruise and some uneven skin tone that needed to be covered up. I thought she would recommend a $45.00 M.A.C product, but she told me to go get this. It was one of the best beauty recommendations I have ever received. If you have veins, bruises, pale skin, or uneven skin tone you will be amazed at how great your legs look. For optimal results, spray in sections and rub it in the same way you would lotion. It drys within minutes, is waterproof and doesn’t stain or come off on clothing. *You will have to wash the makeup off your hands after application. You can buy it here.

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