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1. Black Bat Wall Stickers | 2. Shaker Styled Black Bench | 3. Wicker Basket with Handles | 4. Black and White Buffalo Check Throw | 5. Ivory and Black Lumbar Pillow | 6. Faux Pumpkins

Unless you’re planning on turning your home into a haunted house and giving neighborhood tours, it is important to strike the right balance between your existing décor and your Halloween decorations. Choose a theme or color palette that works with your current design and bring in decorations that are going to amplify the space. Second, when decorating your home try to stick to a single theme and then go all out. Save money and repurpose what you already own and have around the house in new and interesting ways. You might be surprised at how many things in your home can easily be transformed with a coat of paint and a few inexpensive touches like these bat stickers from Amazon or fresh pumpkins from the grocery store.

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