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1. Brass Pendant Lighting | 2. Turkish Dish Towels | 3. Pellegrino | 4. Soap Dispenser | 5. Cutting board | 6. Kitchen Tray | 7. Utensil Holder | 8. Utensils | 9. Kitchen Glasses

Accessorizing your kitchen makes it feel like home. You can achieve a designer look by following some of these simple tips.

  • Add height and warmth by layering cutting boards and cookbooks against the backsplash.
  • Find cute canisters! They can be used for practical items like flour, sugar, or even flowers.
  • Display fruit or fresh greenery in your kitchen. Instead of placing the oranges in the pantry, place them in a pretty bowl or cut some greenery from your garden.
  • Use a pretty soap dispenser. Pour the soap from its original plastic bottle into a soap dispenser that reflects the design of your kitchen.
  • Refresh your kitchen towels. Find some kitchen towels that make you happy! There are so many cute styles available, I especially like the ones with fringe.
  • Update your light fixture. This can be an easy change with the biggest impact. Lighting can dramatically change a space. By getting a more modern light fixture your kitchen can look refreshed.

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